Samstag, 7. November 2009

DaWanda Pick #6

Why you should date nearsighted girls

It's simple logic. As soon as she takes off her glasses, the closer you get, the less ugly you look to her. It's like alcohol but without the liver damage.
Additionally I'm a sucker for a nice rack (or is it frame? Oh, my English is so terrible), but even if you're not into metal accessories: She can always just wear contacts, but you're probably gonna stay ugly.
You just gotta hope she never gets eye surgery or else it's gonna turn out like when see stops taking the pill, which screws with her nose. That's the reason smelly guys get women, true story.

silicone implants are so yesterday

Check out this new, affordable way of getting more attention from the guys (of which, statistically, 50% will rape you):

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